Lame April Fools’ jokes notwithstanding, this site is not dead. Not completely at least.

The site hasn’t been updated for quite awhile and I apologize. Maintaining the site simply got to be overwhelming. First, the process of posting submissions has been cumbersome and I got way behind. Second, spam submissions just made that worse. Third, the site was getting unwieldy with too many blogs. Just a big long list of blogs seemed to be too much clutter and not very useful.

So I am in the process of revamping the site. No promises of when things will be back and running again. To counter some of the problems, I aim to have a process where the submitter can directly add their site to the directory, only requiring my approval. That should saving me some work.

The biggest change I am mulling is to exclude personal and family blogs. That is a tough decision, but I my thoughts are that there is little use in publicly listing a blog whose interest is mainly for family and friends. And listing all those blogs make the list too long which limits the site’s usefulness.

All submissions that have not been posted have been saved and I will notify the submitters when the site is ready for business again. Until then, no new submissions will be accepted.

In the meantime, any suggestions or comments are appreciated.

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